Dangi Foods is a fresh potato food processing company and a leading brand in Nigeria, possessing the ability to create a unique and assorted food range to meet the needs of our customers and consumers.

We recognized that there was a decline in potato consumption in Nigeria, having conducted an extensive research over a five (5) year period. This was as a result of varying factors like Regional costs, preparation time, storage challenges, competition from rice and yam as a major carbohydrate source amongst others. With this information in hand Dangi Foods Ltd set about to restore this nutritious, tasty but often maligned staple food as a viable alternative in our daily diet.

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DANGI FOODS have developed a continuous processing pilot line using their technology, which can produce fresh French Fries comparable to the most advanced production lines.

  • Looking to grow your food business?
  • Looking for new products for your FMCG market?
  • Looking to increase your market share?
  • Looking for a product and process which delivers high profit margins?

Then Dangi Foods  is definitely the brand for you.

DANGI FOODS specialize in developing innovative technology to process the fresh potato in achieving the highest quality texture, colour and fresh flavored French fries- a taste will convince you and leave you asking for more.